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M.R. James

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M.R. James
(Xmas Edition)







All our designs are available as mounted or frames prints.
See below for posters

Picture size (incl margin)  Image size Framed Mounted Only
310x250mm/12"x10" approx 
210x150mm/8"x6 approx
£28 £10

Colour of Mount
Which design would you like?

A3 posters are available in 20 designs
james Oh Whistle Rats mezzotint Warning
MR James - Portrait of the author
MR James - Oh Whistle and I'll come
MR James - Rats
MR James - Mezzotint
MR James - Warning to the curious
face dickens yet to come signalman marley
MR James - Face of crumpled linen
Dickens - Portrait of the author
Dickens - Spirit of Christmas yet to come
Dickens - Signal man
Dickens - Marley as door knocker
Figure in the cemetery Cry on a foggy night New design - the scarecrow Night Visitor Dark Stair
Figures at dusk
Face in the fog
Night visitor
Dark stair
Bones of Nunhead Wreckers Cove Wood fright Church yard in snow Ghost stories around a fire
Bones of Nunhead
The cove
Wood fright
Snow ghost
Fireside ghost
Spirit of Christmas Past* Spirit of Christmas Present* Ghost out of a book* Owl walk*
Dickens - Ghost of Christmas Past
Dickens - Ghost of Christmas Present
Book Sprite
Owl Walk

*PLEASE NOTE, the 2012 designs are dispatching from early december

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