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New Ghosts for Christmas

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Last week all the new Christmas ghost designs were finally sent to the printers and are available from today. There are two new designs similar to last year’s cards and four images based on the writings of M.R. James. It’s been quite an interesting journey and far less straight forward than I would have liked, but I hope you like what’s been produced. As regards the Jamesian cards I have tried to be faithful to the original stories but have used a little artistic license occasionally, I think the images have not strayed too far from those created in the writing.

From top left to bottom right Oh Whistle and I’ll come to you, a portrait of M.R. James plus phantoms, A Warning to the Curious and the Rats.
James\' Christmas Ghosts

The two other images were made to compliment the original set of four cards and I hope you find them pleasing.
Christmas ghosts

Finally many thanks to those of you who have supported me in this strange endeavour, I have enjoyed creating these spectres but it would be impossible to do without your encouragement. I think I will try to incorporate more designs from writers of the supernatural every Christmas, I have already had requests for Sheridan Le Fanu and of course there is Dickens too.

I hope you like this years offerings, perhaps I will see you at this years Fortean Unconvention.


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