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New spooks for 2009

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I have wanted to bring new drawings into the range for some time but other commitments have delayed that happening. Now I am pleased to say I am working on a number of new images which I hope you will like and they wont just be new Christmas designs either.

I am very fond of the skeleton character in the ‘Bones of Nunhead’, skeletons seem rather different figures from spectres. They seem to have an ambivalence about them, not normally malevolent but rather mischevious and uncaring. I’ve had a couple of ideas I wanted to try for some time and it looks likely there will be two skeleton designs.

I hope there will also be a couple of ghosts too, one peering round doors and catching you unawares. Another could show a ghostly figure creeping up the stairs - the inspiration for this, I am afraid to say was a nightmare I once had: a figure with a coat over it’s head was slowly moving up the stairs whilst I hid in a room off the landing. The reaction to the sketch I created was an instant “that’s scary” so it looks like I may have captured some of the absolute terror I felt during the dream!

I was fascinated by scarecrows when I was young, as most children are, with their rather sinsiter potential to ‘come alive’, at least in my imagination. A friend who knew I enjoyed spooky stories insisted that I look at the work of Robert Westall, as his writing included ghost stories for children. I was passed a copy of ‘The Scarecrows’ and suddenly I didn’t see them as funny or weird figures any more but something much more terrifying. The idea of a scarecrow that could scare more than birds seemed a good image to include.

Finally I hope this Christmas I will have another M. R. James story to add plus scenes from other well known authors who have written ghost stories, especially for Christmas enjoyment.

I’ll post the results as soon as they are finished.

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