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I’m very glad to say the blog is back, but it doesn’t have all the functionality it’s supposed to, so I ask you to bear with me until it is fixed.

I had a great time at the Fortean Times Unconvention 2008. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the papers but it was nice to speak to people directly and find out what you think about the cards. We were quite busy and I will return next year as long as they don’t shift it to another season, even though this year attendance was down, as were the number of stalls. I took a helper on both days, so I am very grateful to my niece and nephew for coming along. My niece brought her hand made fridge magnets and clip on ‘Skulls’, which went down very well indeed.

A few people said that some images reminded them of pictures they had seen, or the style was reminiscent of another artist. I hadn’t seen any of the pieces they referred to or heard of the artist, although I pick up ideas and motifs like everyone else, without noticing. Sometimes a person would buy a few cards and then hurry off to their friends, start pointing at one and talk excitedly with their friends about it, as if it had some resonance for them.

A few people made enquiries about reproducing the images, I look forward to hearing from them. I was also asked about producing prints and I am happy to do so. I will formerly set up a way of buying direct after I have worked out the options but please contact me if you are interested. All in all it was a positive experience.

I am very grateful to my niece who is going to run a stall for me in Camden market. I hope she does well; she is also selling her own line of spooky knick-knacks and t-shirts.

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