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Ghosts of Nunhead

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I noticed that some visitors to my site were searching for information on hauntings in Nunhead Cemetery. I don’t know of any publicly recorded cases although I am sure the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery may be able to provide you with more information on that. I had a brief search of the web myself and I came across a ‘Vampire incident’, this was reported at a similar time to the Highgate Cemetery Vampire story in North London in the 1970’s although one suspects a more human hand behind the desecration of graves. Indeed I have been told that the cemetery was rather notorius in the 1970’s with disinternments, vandalism and ‘midnight rituals’ taking place. It was supposed to have been the location for some filming by Hammer Horror productions - although I haven’t found any information on that.

Since then it has become a more pleasant location and a nature reserve in the middle of London’s inner city. The Friends of Nunhead Cemetery and Southwark Council have worked to clean up and restore much of the monuments and environs. Personally, they may have slightly overstepped the mark as I quite enjoyed some of the more ruinous views of the Victorian funerary monuments - although enough still remain for now.

I have never felt ill at ease there - except perhaps at dusk. My family and I have been frequent visitors and often take photographs. On a couple of occasions there appear to be strange things in the images. The clearest and most convincing photograph is included here for you to view. This was taken in the South West area and shows a figure in the background, at the edge of the trees. The photographer insisted that there was no one else present at the time she took the images - certainly visitors to the graves are not that common away from the path and they do tend to be noticed. The figure appears to have something or someone at their shoulder or is holding something in their arms. Have a look and make your own mind up.

Figure in the photo

A close up shot:
Close up

The ‘figure’ appears in more than one image but the resolution of the photograph is not very good so at first we wondered if we were actually looking at a tree or headstone which by a trick of the light was made to look like a person. However, other photographs taken on different occasions show that there is nothing normally located at that point.

Now you see me, now you don't


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